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We the Scottish public insist on a revote with fair democratic independent officials from outside the UK. A third party with no Westminster or Palace influence.
We the people want a revote for Scottish independence no rigging.

Why is this important?

18th September Scotland's Independence was stolen from us because of the vast amount of rigging that took place all over Scotland. David Cameron put in place the condition in the Referendum agreement that which ever side wins the other is to except and work united together. Why was this added? it wasn't suggested by Alex Salmond. Why were postal vote boxes opened prior to official count this is highly illegal? Why did we see LIVE on Sky News YES votes stacked in piles on a NO table with NO votes? Why was it seen Officials marking papers on SKY? Why did official counters remove Yes votes from piles and include them in the NO piles again seen LIVE on SKY. Why were people voting twice or in different names? Why were those that have passed away given votes? Why did officials BIN votes? Why were many voting papers blank on the back while others had detailed information? Why did bookies pay out on a NO win even before counting had started? Why on that evening before counting had finished did 4 major News papers shown all over social Media and websites their front page as a NO victory yet it wasn't a completed count so early in the evening. This is only part of the shocking events that took place on that night. It is not just a shambles, a pre organised result but a joke and insult to the Scottish public.


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Reasons for signing

  • i think from looking at all the mistakes and wrong doing i think scotland deserves justice in so an important vote and not a sham like it was .
  • It was Rigged Scotland should of won the Referendum. "COME ON SCOTLAND"


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