To: Transport Secretary and Environment Secretary

Scrap HS2 - Help the Flooded

Dear Sirs,
Please drop plans for the HS2 rail network and put the money into PERMANENT solutions for the flooding in South-West, repairs and improvement to the train lines affected, and compensation for those unable to work.

Why is this important?

Thousands upon thousands of people have been immensely affected by the flooding this year. In Looe, Cornwall, the fishermen cannot brave the current conditions, and are losing their livelihood.

The UK government's response is to raise funding for flood prevention by a measly £100million this year. Permanent solutions will cost billions of pounds - which could come out of the £40bn budget for the HS2 rail scheme.

HS2 is a luxury which we don't need right now, especially in the current financial climate.


Reasons for signing

  • they should improve and repair the local train lines instead of wasting a colossal amount of money in building a train set for business people only.


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