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To: Mel Stride

Scrap the PIP reform proposals

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
It is required by the vast majority of disabled people across the United Kingdom that the proposals to reform the Personal Independence Payments benefit must be scrapped with immediate effect

Why is this important?

This is extremely important because the people of whom claim PIP rely on the benefit's cash income for everyday use. Including those who find it difficult to get around unfamiliar places independently, those who find it difficult to walk long distances without support, mental health problems (which in some cases is highly severe) and those with hidden disabilities who rely on the income to purchase items to help them with everyday life.

If the benefit is reformed, it will impact a lot of disabled people and those with mental health problems who would lose their money for being unable to work due to either their disability or very severe mental health. This petition is to tell the work and pensions secretary to scrap the proposals to reform PIP because so many people rely on it and they need it to survive financially if they're to get anywhere in life. Charities such as Scope have grave concerns about the situation surrounding the proposals and they are very worried that those who are in desperate need of their financial support will lose out on vital benefits. The situation is very stressful and concerning for the families and claimants on PIP who could potentially have sleepless nights over the fact that their financial support through PIP would not be there for them if the proposals were to take place. Mental health problems could get worse and the proposals would have a very serious impact on those who are claiming PIP for various reasons wether it is mental health related or disability related. These people really need their income.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be delivered online to Mel Stride.



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Thank you to everyone who has signed this all important petition. Make sure you share it so we can get our voices heard and get more signatures to reach the target of 100!

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2024-06-03 18:25:44 +0100

Please share this petition around with your friends and family if you can. More signatures are desperately required to ensure that this petition gets to Mel Stride as soon as possible before the reforms are even thought about going ahead. PIP is absolutely vital to all those who claim it and they can't live without it financially. Thank you for your continued support.

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