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To: European court

Scrap universal credit

Scrap universal credit

To investigate and take action on un profesor philip Alstons damming report against the conservatives universal credit and scrap it

Why is this important?

It's important because people are being forced into universal credit disabled made fit to work and cant work people looseing their homes under universal credit people are committing suicide under universal credit children are going to school with empty stomachs under universal credit people are suffering please I am asking and the people are asking the European court to take action on the un profesor philip Alstons damming report against the conservatives our human rights are being breached and abused please we beg you to scrap universal credit now

BT14 6HQ

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Reasons for signing

  • I am discussed that people with Mental Health are not being thought of. I applied for Contributory ESA and have been declined because I can walk and talk and score points how dreadful is this. I can not work because I have been emotionally bullied and exhausted and have had the Crisis Team out and they do not care about people get rid of this horrible thing and bring back kindness to the people of the UK who were born here and live here.
  • No one can live on it
  • Cruel, evil policy that has been implemented by a party with the same traits


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