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To: Warrington Borough Council

Scrap Warrington's Preferred Development Option - Local Draft Plan 2017

We require that Warrington Borough Council scrap the entire Preferred Development Option plan.
We require that the ‘aspirations for massive growth’, the adverse impacts of which would significantly and demonstrably outweigh any supposed benefits, be forthwith abandoned and that Warrington Borough Council concentrate on delivering a draft local plan which reflects the true needs and aspirations of the residents of Warrington.
We require that the housing target is significantly reduced to reflect true local need rather than through any forced, unsustainable growth of the town.
We require an environmentally friendly plan which is genuinely based on community and citizen led needs rather than one which is land speculator / developer led. A plan which respects, protects and reflects our historical and cultural identity, our landscape, greenbelt, green fields and natural habitats and which contributes positively to our health and wellbeing.
We insist on our right to ‘self-determination’ and insist that we are granted fair and genuine opportunity at all times and in all circumstances to participate fully and effectively in shaping our future and the future of the town we live in.

Why is this important?

We the undersigned strongly oppose the Preferred Development Option of the Local Draft Plan 2017 currently proposed by Warrington Borough Council.
• We do not agree with Warrington Borough Council's aspirations and arguments for massive urban growth and/or a New City status.
• We believe that the proposed housing target calculation of 24,000 additional homes to be built over a 20-year period is not substantiated and does not reflect of the needs of Warrington and its people either in type, number or distribution.
• The suggested ‘need’ for increased acreage for employment sites is grossly over-exaggerated.
• The release of Green Belt land for the purposes of urban development and sprawl in any area of the town is unacceptable and unnecessary. Green Belt should remain Green Belt. Green fields, woodlands, natural habitats should not be destroyed.
• The proposed supporting infrastructure of roads and highways will be destructive, invasive and difficult to build. It will not alleviate congestion/pollution in the town.
• The consultation period has been badly timed over school/family holidays leaving people insufficient time to thoroughly consider the plans and thus depriving people of the opportunity to participate effectively.
• Warrington Borough Hospital is at present unable to serve the town’s residents and no adequate provision for healthcare has been suggested in the plan.
• This plan does not constitute ‘sustainable’ development.
Warrington, particularly the town centre, has already suffered far too much destruction of its historic buildings, distinctive identity, local culture and character by the building of shed shops, malls and huge car parks. Many of its local and town centre businesses have disappeared. The massive, un-sustainable growth proposed will result in the destruction of Warrington and its environs which we know and love.

Warrington. Cheshire

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Reasons for signing

  • Warrington Borough Council is not taking into account residents' concerns - disgusting!
  • Warrington council will ruin this town if this plan goes ahead. With high pollution, overly congested roads and flood risks never has green belt land been so important. Unfortunately Warrington will not be a healthy place to live and the town will become a concrete jungle.
  • All the villages around Warrington will become urban sprawl with no green space & woodlands .


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