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  • Lord David Freud should resign
    Your recent comments at the Conservative Party Conference, that disabled people are 'not worth' the minimum wage, are anathema to a civilised society. Not only are they unfair, but bigotted and offensive. You should resign as someone with your views is not fit to hold public office.
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    Created by Kim Moore
  • David Attenborough on twenty pound note
    Would love to see David Attenborough on the new twenty pound
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    Created by Kevin Cross
  • David Cameron, call a referendum on further austerity
    We call on David Cameron to put a bill to parliament to have a referendum on continued austerity. Only 37% of the voters voted for Conservatives, which was 24% of registered voters or even less if you add in those people unregistered. This is no mandate to continue austerity that has seen the weakest people bare the largest burden, with evictions, deaths and suicides rising amongst the the sick, disabled and working poor. If you, David Cameron, believe in austerity, it must be given a mandate to continue. You cannot assume one on the basis of 24% support of registered voters.
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    Created by David Walker
  • David Cameron to resign for lying over Syria
    Resign along with those directly involved in the deception.
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    Created by Ken Andrew
  • DAVID CAMERON to RESIGN for Deception and Conflict of Interest
    It is our wish that the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, resign from his post for Deception and Conflict of Interest
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    Created by Raquel Pinto
  • Change David Attenborough's name to Boaty McBoatface
    Get Sir David Attenborough to change his name so the boat named after him will be the democratically correct name in the end.
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    Created by Carl Packman
  • David Lloyd Clubs (Lincoln) - Double Bubble
    We are requesting that David Lloyd Clubs (Lincoln) consider further financial investment into this premium tennis facility. Members desperately require additional indoor / or covered tennis facilities on site. As members, collectively we are asking David Lloyd Clubs consider providing a double tennis court bubble for the benefit of Lincoln club members.
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    Created by Michael Clipsham
  • Knighthoods for David Weir and Lee Pearson , Paraolympians
    Award Knighthoods to David Weir and Lee Pearson. PARAOLYMPIANS who have performed and surpassed many other athletes with gold medals and other achievements. If fully fit athletes like rowers can be given Knighthoods, why not DISABLED athletes who have won more gold medals over a longer period. ONLY asking for parity, nothing more
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    Created by Barbara George
    We want the Bank Of England to reconsider their choice of who will be on the new £20 banknote (planned for release in 2020). It's currently planned to be J.M.W Turner (the English painter, known for his colourisation, imaginative landscapes and turbulent, often violent marine paintings). We are asking the Bank of England to break with tradition and celebrate a living person on a banknote (other than the Queen of course!). Conservationist and all-around legend Sir David Attenborough has come out top in a list of ethical champions Brits want to be immortalised on the new £20 banknote (in new YouGov research commissioned for Good Money Week).
    2,981 of 3,000 Signatures
    Created by Rich Gundry
  • The David Moore Gallery at Y Gaer, Brecon
    Name the Temporary exhibition Gallery at the newly refurbished Brecon Museum & Art Gallery ( Y Gaer ), 'The David Moore Gallery'.
    108 of 200 Signatures
    Created by Veronica Gibson
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