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To: West of England Mayor Tim Bowles, and B&NES Council Leader Tim Warren

Secondary school transport in Bath & North East Somerset

Secondary school transport in Bath & North East Somerset

Make safe, independent travel to school possible and affordable for every child aged 11 to 18, at all schools, state and private, in Bath & North East Somerset.

Why is this important?

Air pollution, carbon emissions, and congestion are major issues for the local authority. Air pollution causes ill health, and the council is currently obliged to reduce it to legal levels. Carbon dioxide contributes to climate breakdown, whilst congestion costs businesses and individuals money and time, and increases the risk of road traffic accidents. Childhood inactivity is a major cause of ill-health over a lifetime.

Many parents are currently forced to drive their children to school due to the inadequacy and expense of school transport in B&NES. Few segregated cycle lanes exist. Bus services do not exist for some routes to school, and are expensive, uncomfortable, and insufficient on many routes, with buses often over-full, and children left behind at stops, and arriving late and miserable for school. WECA must work with B&NES Council, schools and bus companies, to ensure appropriate walking and cycling infrastructure, and bus services exist, to allow safe, independent and active travel to school by all students attending state and private secondary schools in B&NES.

Campaign created by Sarah Warren and Joanna Wright

Bath and North East Somerset

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Reasons for signing

  • Children need enough buses to get all of them to school.
  • Cause I think kids that live in the attachment aera don't get the free bus passes but kids who don't live in the attachment area get it but I live in Twerton and I know kids just live near south down what's the difference it's ridiculous they should all get it really
  • Adam Reynolds has been campaigning for this sort of this for years: He doesn't just moan, he comes up with working solutions, if only the council would listen!


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