To: Colin Crooks, CEO of Shell Energy

Shell Energy: Don't Raise Direct Debits

Shell Energy: Don't Raise Direct Debits

With millions having to face the choice between heating their homes or having enough to eat, please do the same as British Gas, and pledge to keep direct debits the same this winter for your customers.

Why is this important?

As temperatures drop, energy bills are rising. It’s normal for direct debits to go up as we heat our homes this time of year – but some energy providers have been accused of hiking monthly payments above what’s needed in a ‘stealth raid’ on customers.

MoneySavingExpert founder Martin Lewis is warning that some firms are hiking direct debits right now to help their cash flow, even when it isn't justified. But, British Gas, the UK’s biggest energy provider, has already said they won’t do this, freezing direct debits for most customers until February next year. We know enough pressure on other energy companies could force them to do the same.

Sign the petition now and demand energy companies put their customers' wallets first, not shareholder profits.