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This campaign was a success! Well done to everyone who took part - together we saved out setts.

sos-save our setts

And finally……thanks to you all for supporting Beverley Action and our SOS campaign. We had intended SOS would be would be the first of many such actions designed to help save Beverley from the various inappropriate and ill-considered schemes being foisted on the town by developers, aided by ERYC. We envisaged Beverley Action as an umbrella to unite different groups in the town and take the fight to the council, as we did on the setts; unfortunately we have been unable to find common cause with them, so rather than muddy the waters we’ve decided to step aside.
Without the support of 38 degrees our campaign would have been much less effective and probably not have succeeded, so we do hope you will help them continue their brilliant work and make a donation to the excellent and FREE service which served us all so well.
Thanks again, it was fun and what’s more we WON!
Adrian & Richard.

Why is this important?

We now know that the setts/ Yorkstone pavements, kerbs and gullies in Saturday market will be retained as part of the ERYC's revised scheme for Saturday Market. We have to be thankful that unlike so many councils in this country, ERYC listened to its residents and reacted appropriately. Beverley is a wonderful town and our campaign has shown it has some wonderful people living in it; a true community effort. Let's hope that with goodwill on all sides the future for the town as a whole, will be decided in the same co-operative spirit and will evolve into the vibrant, place we all want it to be, without losing sight of the things that made it "One of the most beautiful towns in England".
Thanks to all of you!
Adrian Stokes, Richard Armstrong, Barbara English

Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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