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To: B&NES Council

Don't squeeze cyclists out of Bath Gateway

This petition has now ended, but the battle carries on!

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Don't squeeze cyclists out of Bath Gateway

The plans to regenerate London Road Bath between Morrisons and Cleveland Place should be suspended and changed to ensure the safety of cyclists. We want London Road businesses to thrive but disagree that increased car parking space is the way to make this happen.

The council's regeneration plans must include a safe passage for cyclists all the way from Morrisons up to and over the Cleveland Place junction.

Why is this important?

London Road is currently very unwelcoming to cyclists and the plans miss a golden opportunity for improvement. One of the most dangerous parts of the road for cyclists is the two-lane section leading to Cleveland Place opposite Thomas Street, where the council plans to replace the shared cycle path and replace it with car parking.

The consultation plan on which the scheme is based does not appear to have been made public and was limited to residents of the immediate area, whereas the changes will impact all those who pass through the area daily.

The area should be regenerated by making it a pleasant place to explore on foot or by bike, not by squeezing in more cars.

Larkhall, Bath, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Cycling in from Marshfield daily, this section of the route is always the most dangerous. Please make some improvements for cycle safety!
  • I cycle in from colerne and leave extra extra early to get through that particular junction before the traffic builds, it just does not feel cycle friendly!
  • It's worth taking the time to design things properly - we should be able to make it work for people, trees and businesses


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