To: Penny Mordaunt


On 2 April the price of a first-class stamp will rise by 10p to £1.35 and a second-class stamp also by 10p to 85p.

This will be the fourth price rise in two years for first class stamps. In January 2022 the price rose from 85p to 95p in April 2022. Next month from 4 April, the price of a first-class letter will cost £1.35p.

Meanwhile the service provided by Royal Mail continues to get worse. Some people still haven’t received Christmas cards sent in early December 2023. Other have not received or received too late for hospital and other medical appointments.

Ofcom, who are supposed to regulate Royal Mail, seem to think the answer to this incompetence is to change the rules on Universal Service - that requires a six-day servcie for letters and a fice-day one for parcels. And Ofcom are, among other things, meant to protect the customer and the sercice we receive.

We call on Parliament to stop the price rise scheduled on 4 April (or reverse it if this petition is received after that date). We further ask that Parliament compel Ofcom to maintain the current Universal Service level and not alter it.

We ask that Parliament further ensure that these demans remain in place until Royal Mail returns to the acceptable service levels that previously existed.

Why is this important?

Because the Royal Mail is putting price to cover its own inefficiency and making the public pay for it.