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To: Aberdeen City Council

Stop Aberdeen City Council sending 'Legacy' report

Stop Aberdeen City Council sending 'Legacy' report

Do not send a 'Legacy' report with the Council Tax letters in 2017.

Why is this important?

The 'Legacy' report proposed by Aberdeen City Council was discussed at the Council meeting on Thursday 5 October. There was a heated debate by members of the Council, along party lines. The vote to proceed was approved by 20-18 (mainly Labour Councillors vs other parties), indicating that there is not broad cross party support for this waste of public money. My view is that this report is blatant electioneering. As the public debate of the letter was along party lines (and was viewed live online), this letter is seen as a political letter in the eyes of the public and should not be funded by the public purse.

Many people are fully aware of the 'legacy' of this administration and do not want to pay for more propaganda. One secondary school in Aberdeen is currently having to raise funds for new books - a better use of the proposed £40,000 for the cost of this report.

A Councillor Tweeted this week that democracy can be found in the Council chamber and at the ballot box. Surely Council members are also supposed to listen and act upon the wishes of their constituents, those who voted them into Council.

I do not give Aberdeen City Council permission to send me one of these 'Legacy' reports. I consider it unsolicited mail, under the Mail Preference scheme. I will write to the Council separately (to the leader of Aberdeen City Council at and ask for confirmation that they will arrange for the 'Legacy' report to be omitted from my Council Tax notification letter.

Aberdeen City

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Reasons for signing

  • You can take the loon out of Aberdeen but you'll NEVER take Aberdeen out of the loon. Aberdeen Shitty Cooncil - in it for themselves.
  • what a waste of money!
  • money could be better spent on essential services


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