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Join Epilepsy S. in signing this petition.

To: Department of Health and Social Care (UK Government)

Stop babies from being born with preventable disabilities

Stop babies from being born with preventable disabilities

We are calling on the government to fund research into safer epilepsy medication so that babies will not be born with preventable disabilities caused by their mothers' life-saving drugs. Please sign our petition.

WARNING: No woman should stop taking her epilepsy medication without consulting her doctor. Seizures during pregnancy can harm a baby.

Why is this important?

Medicines, such as thalidomide and valproate, have had devastating consequences for thousands of babies.

But sadly babies are still being born today with preventable disabilities caused by their mothers’ epilepsy drugs during pregnancy. We are calling on the government to lead the world by making research funding for mothers and babies a priority, so that women with epilepsy can benefit from safer epilepsy drugs, free from the fear of preventable harm to their babies.

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed this because I had to go back on AEDs when I became pregnant. I had been seizure free for 24 yrs and was told that I had "grown out of it". I was shocked &disturbed when my auras came back during my 1st trimester & then worried and frustrated that I would need to go onto newer AEDs from then on. I felt like I had no choice due to the risk of having a tonic clonic seizure if I didn't take them, but the lack of information made it an already difficult time very stressful & full of guilt.
  • This affected my Mum whilst pregnant with me as she forced herself to stop taking her medication, putting herself in grave danger as her seizures were really bad, and unfortunately she did pass away from SUDEP three years ago. Much loved and missed every single minute of every single day.
  • Because I feel very much for people who have any sought for disability.


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