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To: Parliament

Stop Brexit Now

Stop Brexit Now

Now that the realities of Brexit are becoming clear where the harm is more, and more obvious, and the "advantages", all propaganda, and lies, the majority of the population, (according to latest polls) want to stay in the EU. and some EU leaders have invited us to stay. It is the responsibility of Parliament to serve, and protect the British People, so, to recklessly pursue Brexit, when it is so clearly detrimental, is a dereliction of duty.

Stop this insane Brexit now.

Why is this important?

Our future prosperity, our European citizenship, and our standing in Europe and the World are all being sacrificed for no good reason. Everyone who wants to stay in Europe, denied the opportunity for a new referendum, should sign this petition to make it clear to the politicians that they have no mandate to continue in this reckless race over the cliff-edge, to the destruction of us all.


Reasons for signing

  • Brexit will be the biggest disaster to the UK for decades
  • If the Prime Minister's proposed deal cannot pass Parliament, it will probably come down to a choice of no deal or calling the whole thing off. The Brexit extremists have been making all the running for far too long.
  • Brexit is a waste of time and money that will achieve nothing and threaten the well-being of this country. Now is the time to say enough is enough and stop Brexit.


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