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To: Derek Mackay cabinet secretary for finance in the Scottish Parliament

Stop catastrophic cuts in funding to the arts in Scotland

This campaign has now finished: This was time sensitive before a vote in the Scottish Parliament, it had to be delivered by 1 pm today.

Stop catastrophic cuts in funding to the arts in Scotland

Reconsider plans to cut funding to Creative Scotland

Why is this important?

Dear Derek Mackay
I'm asking you not to plan or support any further cuts to Creative Scotland's already reduced budget.
Not only would this be devastating to the culture of Scotland, it does not even make good business sense. As Ruth Wishart pointed out in The Sunday Herald, the arts contribute 3% of the gross value of the national budget but receive only 0.5%. . This is not a hard headed choice between funding the NHS, or education or the arts. This would be a decision to slaughter a vibrant young industry with huge growth potential which supports over 70, 000 Scottish jobs. Please don't damage the culture of Scotland in the name of austerity.

How it will be delivered

This will be emailed directly to Derek Mackay before 1 pm today Friday 1st December


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Reasons for signing

  • The Arts is the fabric of our culture.
  • So important to save this.
  • Today is St Andrews Day, a celebration of Scotland and scottish culture. The Arts in Scotland needs our support and should be a source of National Pride not an opportunity for savings.


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