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To: HM Government

Stop closing allotments to build houses

Stop closing allotments to build houses

Stop the practice of closing allotments down in order to build houses

Why is this important?

There is a growing community of allotmenteers, who, driven by need, have taken to cultivating their own crops.

Some people have spent years to transform what was essentially waste land into arable soil, and have often spent a considerable amount of time and money in order to reap the benefits of home grown organic fruit & vegetables.

Recently, we have heard of numerous councils serving notices that they are reclaiming these valuable resources to convert into building land.

In many cases, allotments are utilised as a way of not only growing food, but also as a way of keeping fit (something that the government is keen to promote!), so it makes no sense, other than to reap financial rewards, to close them.

Whilst there are waiting list of several years to secure a plot, it is obvious that this is a popular, and worthwhile, leisure facility.

Please take action to stop this practise now, before it is too late to stop the rot!!!

In these times of austerity and obesity, allotmenteering is a way to grow healthy produce, and to reap the rewards of an outdoor activity which also promotes physical fitness.

Reasons for signing

  • Currently under the support of a psychiatrist for abuse when I was younger. The allotment has kept me going both mentally and physically. The feel of nature in your hands and watching the development of vegetables and plants grow out of your careful nurture, is nothing more than inspirational and motivating. It isn't all about just the growing. It is also about interacting with the environment "stop, look and listen"
  • Allotments are important therapy for many with mental health issues! And a very important part of many lives there needs to be more created not destroyed!
  • We need MORE self grown food in the world, not less.


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