To: US Congress

Stop Cops from Invading Our Privacy Via Stingray Surveillance Device!

Stop Cops from Invading Our Privacy Via Stingray Surveillance Device!

I, the undersigned, would like to appeal to the Congress to put an end to the illegal surveillance that police departments and law enforcement agencies have been doing on private citizens without permission.

Why is this important?

The use of devices like Stingray to spy on private citizens must NOT be condoned at all. It is highly invasive and violates our constitutional right to privacy. The use of this device is invasive and the fact that police departments have been secretive in their use of this device is alarming.

The FBI have been exercising force in telling the police departments to keep this a secret, but we citizens have a right to know AND to demand that spying activities on private residents be stopped with immediate effect. More and more police departments have been revealed to be using Stingray devices regularly without authorization, so who knows if OTHER parties have been doing the same?


2015-04-16 05:43:44 +0100

Update: more police departments have been coming out of the woodwork as culprits in the unauthorized usage of Stingray to spy on citizens. Recently, the American Civil Liberties Union of California have sued the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and the Anaheim Police Department, with proof that they violated state law by refusing to provide documents on their use of technology that may be used to intercept phone calls or text messages.

Actions must be taken to stop this. Please support me and get the Congress to tackle this issue with immediate effect.

Vicky Grullon - Head Educator of Excel Classes - Chicago