To: Kingston Borough Council

Stop Distracting Advertising On A Roads

Stop Distracting Advertising On A Roads

Remove the new advertising along the A3 road.
As drivers we are constantly reminded to pay attention to the road and not be distracted by things such as our GPS, changing the radio station or looking at our passengers, let alone reading a paper or a text message.
So why are we being encouraged to avert our eyes from the road in order to read huge illuminated billboards with vast texts printed on them whilst driving 50 mph on a main road? Advertising revenue.
By no means is this in our interests as the advertising has nothing to do with advocating road safety.

Why is this important?

These adverts are dangerous and detrimental for many reasons:

1. You are distracted whilst driving, encouraged to take your eyes off the road. That is the sole purpose of advertising boards. The text is often wordy and requires considerable time to read fully.
2. They are illuminated at night costing money and as highlighted in David Attenbourough's shows, the excess light we create adversely affects our wildlife. They are also arguably even more distracting in the dark of night when illuminated.
3. It's yet more advertising forced upon us. It's hugely intrusive as you cannot ignore it. Also the size of them enforces the message more strongly, especially when lit up like a Christmas tree. I don't want our children forcibly exposed to even more materialist advertising.
4. It's unsightly. These monstrosities are more in line with an American Billboard or the fluorescent advertising we know from Tokyo. It's not befitting of our culture and locations they are being placed.
5. It doesn't fit in with our value system and doesn't promote anything positive in our culture. It simply encourages spending and self aggrandising. This is a shift already present in our culture, I don't want any further progression in this direction. The advertising could have been about recycling, speed awareness, bike safety or driving tired. Instead they are about shoes, bags and sunglasses.

Whilst I understand the council looking for more revenue streams, this one has been created to our detriment. The decision should be reversed and advertising along A roads not permitted unless the message has to do with promoting road safety.


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