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To: The Rt Hon Priti Patel MP - Secretary of State

Stop Using Drinking Water in Toilet Cisterns

Stop Using Drinking Water in Toilet Cisterns

We would like UK Building Regulations updated to stop using fresh, clean drinking water in our toilet cisterns in all new buildings and to convert current toilet cisterns to grey or rain water.

Why is this important?

There are many reasons why the Victorian toilet system needs to evolve.

It is an archaic and arrogant use of resources, energy and money to clean water to drinking standard and then to defecate in it.

The system was a solution to a Victorian problem. We are now at the dawn of the third decade of the 21st century and we have a whole host of other problems. We are already experiencing climate chaos and predictions show growing issues with water shortages.

We need to conserve water. We need to conserve energy.

By changing our relationship to water, we can learn to interact with it in a different way.

Stopping using drinking water in toilet cisterns will open up a whole new green industry like it has in California – where people have redirected their grey or rain water into the toilet cisterns to save water.

Changing the Building Regulations makes a strong and positive statement to the world that our Victorian sewage system is evolving. The flushing toilet was designed in the UK, it can evolve here too.

I spent time living in South America, where water was limited and precious. A flushing toilet in countries where they have water shortages is totally inappropriate. When I returned to the UK and experienced my first 6 litres of drinking water being flushed away – I found it absurd!

I have researched this subject in depth academically and hope to try to shift perspectives by sharing the ideas in a book and with this petition.

We have the ability to become an eco-centric society -understanding and truly respecting our interconnectivity with all of life.

Water is vital for our survival.

Water is life.

Please join me.


Twitter: @ReclaimYourSh_t
Insta: @ChangeTheCistern
FB: @Awordfromnature

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