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To: PM Boris Johnson

Stop Fuelling The Fire: Say No to the UK Financing Dirty Energy Overseas

Stop Fuelling The Fire: Say No to the UK Financing Dirty Energy Overseas

End UK funding of fossil fuel extraction overseas.

Why is this important?

Your taxes are being used to fund dirty energy overseas.

While richer countries are switching to cleaner, renewable energy, the UK is propping up fossil fuel expansion in poorer nations.

This funding means that the communities who are already unfairly living and dying with the consequences of the climate crisis will have to face further ramifications from increased fossil fuel extraction.

Join us in calling on the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to end the UK financing of fossil fuel extraction overseas by 2021.

Despite heavy criticism, the UK department of Export Finance (UKEF) increased its funding of overseas fossil fuel projects to £2bn in 2018, which was eleven times greater than in 2017.

This increasing investment is completely unacceptable if we are to keep global temperature rises to 1.5°C, as necessitated in the Paris Agreement.

Funding of oil and gas through UK export finance is under review, so now is the time to pressure the government to stop fuelling the fire.

As hosts of COP26, the eyes of the world are on the UK. Our government must stop the hypocrisy of promoting clean energy in the UK, while funding dirty energy abroad.

Funding fossil fuels in a climate emergency is unjust. Join us in calling for climate justice.

We are a group of young activists putting our faith into action for climate justice. Please contact for more information.

Sign our petition to send this message to Boris Johnson:

To: Boris Johnson “End the use of UK Export Finance to fund fossil fuel projects overseas.”

In light of rapidly increasing global temperatures and the materialising dire consequences of the climate crisis, it is imperative that the UK government takes drastic action to ensure that the 1.5°C target of the Paris Agreement is met. As host of COP26, the UK has the opportunity to be a world leader in the transition towards a more sustainable future.

We are therefore calling on you to end the damaging use of UK Export Finance to fund oil and gas projects overseas. This spending is at odds with commitments to lowering emissions. We ask that it is instead used to fund projects that are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. The UK has the chance to lead the transition away from fossil fuel extraction. To do so, funding must stop by 2021.

Will you ensure that the UK’s overseas energy spending aligns with the commitments made in the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Goals?



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Join us in tweeting Boris Johnson on Tuesday 1st September at 12pm to get him to agree with our demads! "@BorisJohnson: to achieve the #ParisAgreement goals, finance for renewable energy projects needs to be scaled up & finance for carbon-intensive projects needs to be scaled down. As PM, you must stop @UKEF financing fossil fuel extraction overseas by 2021. #StopFuellingTheFire"

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