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To: Department For Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Stop Halite Pumping Toxic Brine Into The Sea

Stop Halite  Pumping  Toxic Brine  Into The Sea

Prevent Halite from dumping 80,000 cubic metres of toxic brine per day into the sea off Rossall, Fleetwood.

Why is this important?

Defra recently announced proposals to establish Marine Conservation Zones and Blue Belt Marine Protection Areas around our coast. How does allowing Halite to dump toxic brine fit in with this? There is evidence that the Honeycombe Worm (Salabria) is establishing itself along the outfall pipe. This is a protected species and a vital part of the food chain. There are also investigations into a colony of Great Crested Newts, another protected species, at Harbour Village, close to where Halite intend to place a sediment tank and pipes to carry the toxic waste into the sea.
If this is allowed to go ahead it will create a 'Dead Zone' in our sea for some considerable distance , no marine creature will survive and other wild creatures depending on them for food will also suffer and decline in numbers. The pumping is planned to last for 10 years but the consequences will last for considerably longer, this will change our coastline for years to come and in some cases permanently.
Please sign to try to stop this from going ahead.

Rossall, Fleetwood.

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