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STOP HORSE TETHERING IN THE UK (and other equines)

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STOP HORSE TETHERING IN THE UK (and other equines)

Tethering horses is not illegal in the UK and some owners think that it's a normal way to keep a horse. IT HAS TO STOP!

Why is this important?

If a horse has to be tethered it has to be for a short period of time and on an exceptional basis!

Tethering a horse (like any other animal) for a long time is not respecting his basic needs.

According to the Animal Welfare Act 2006 the owner has the duty, in all circumstances, to take positive steps to avoid suffering and meet his animal welfare needs:

- suitable environment
- suitable diet
- access to shelter
- free to express normal behaviour
- physical safety

Tethering compromises the horses welfare in many ways: risk of serious injuries due to a chain or a rope, risk of worms while grazing the same ground repeatedly, risk of attacks by people or dogs. Furthermore, a tethered horse is not protected in case of extreme weather conditions. And the most important, he is deprived of his freedom: the horse's natural behaviour is to walk long distances, to run free, to interact freely with other horses, he needs the company of other horses, especially physical interactions.

There are more than 3,000 horses tethered regularly in the UK.

Tethering is not respecting the horse's basic needs and his freedom, so we ask the government to make tethering equines illegal unless an exceptional situation requires and for a short period of time.


Reasons for signing

  • Horse tethering is cruel - would you tie your children up and just leave them?


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