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To: Therese Coffey MP

Stop Ipswich Northern Bypass

Stop Ipswich Northern Bypass

Stop Ipswich Northern Bypass destroying the environment in Suffolk.

Why is this important?

Suffolk County Council have declared a Climate Emergency and an intention to make Suffolk the 'Greenest County'. Yet they have joined Ipswich Borough Council in a plan to build a dual carriageway through some of Suffolk's most beautiful countryside, including the lovely Fynn Valley, where critically endangered Turtle Doves can still be heard. They plan to pay for this road by building 20,000 new homes, concreting over yet more countryside. There is not work for anything like that many people in the area. This will result in tens of thousands more car journeys as people commute long distances to work and result in an environmental catastrophe for the county and the country as a whole. Please stop this madness.

How it will be delivered

Deliver them in person, if possible.


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Reasons for signing

  • To preserve the habitat for wildlife


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