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To: David Cameron UK Gov't/World/Arab Leaders and President Obama


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Free Palastine MA

Immediate and direct political intervention, with world Leaders political pressure to stop israel killing the people of Gaza, Palastine and to completely quit the terrorisation and illegal occupation of Palastine for good. The UK Government to address the serious War Crimes being carried out by israel in Palastine. The killings of innocent Gaza/Palastinian men, women and children needs to stop immediately and the illegal occupation of the Palastinian land and homes that have been occupied illegally needs to be put right. Homes, schools places of worship, so called U.N. safe shelters with innocent Gazan and Palastinians seeking refuge in them have been bombed, destroyed and killed deliberately, with the deliberate and calculated huge damage and the evil massacre of a huge dense population of Palastinians is an unforgivable war crime, all being carried out by israel. By manipulation of the media and propaganda, lies and fabrication, israel can not justify the war crimes.
World leaders need to stop israel creating and continuing with the current day HOLOCAUST.....

Why is this important?

If the Holocaust was wrong? Then this terrorisation and illegal occupation of Palastine and the continuous killing of Innocent pregnant women, men, women and children is wrong....! World Leaders are accountable for the equivelent to the UK Law of Joint Enterprise on a mass scale in the killing of innocent human lives and allowing the illegal occupation,displacement and heinous crimes on innocent humans in Gaza and Palastine.
These modern day War Crimes need to stop immediately..Before more lives are lost...
People! I Ask you to research and look at the facts youself, dont rely on Political Propaganda News, reported by manipulated News channels. Search for the Truth of what is really happening.
United Nations and World Leaders have the power to stop israel perpetrating, commiting these evil unchallenged crimes....the decades of continuing israeli illegal occupation, crimes of genocide and terrorisation and heinous brutal killings of defencless Gaza and Palastinian people needs to stop immediately...please stop them...! israel is hell bent on taking over Palastinian land and Gaza and Palastine people are defending their HUMAN RIGHTS.... !!! Israel has no grounds to VIOLATE HUMAN RIGHTS to fullfil their evil wishes....Gaza and Palastine have been crippled with illegal blockades and illegal sanctions, all these war crimes are in breach of International Law and World Leaders need to stop this continuing, WORLD LEADERS are to be held accountable for allowing the crimes to happen. Stop israel NOW. Before more innocent lives are lost.....! PLEASE STOP THE CRIMES AGAINST PALASTINE...


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  • Yusuf told me to lol😂😂😂
  • We Must end this bloodshed as soon as possible Enough is Enough!
  • we must stop this now


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