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To: Professor Pete Downes, Principal of University of Dundee, Scotland

Stop the unnecessary job cuts at University of Dundee

Stop the unnecessary job cuts at University of Dundee

Dear Professor Downes,

We are asking you to rethink your 'Transformation Vision' for the future of the University of Dundee so that it genuinely values all staff and students. Please consider the damage that will be done to the University's reputation, research standing, student experience and recruitment if you continue to ignore the concerns of the majority of staff and students and insist on cutting academic staff jobs.

We would support your vision to transform the University if was implemented in a way that is genuinely in the interests of the University community.

Please show us that you are a truly visionary leader by listening to your staff and students and letting us help you to transform the University in a genuinely sustainable way without resorting to putting people out of work, increasing the workloads of already overloaded staff and risking the quality of student experience.

Why is this important?

A University is not a business, it is a community of people who come together to share and develop knowledge to improve lives and positively affect the world around us. Students look to staff to guide them through what can be the most important and fulfilling experience of their lives. By telling staff that they are not needed, the University is sending the message that they don't care if students get that guidance and support and they don't care if staff are forced into unemployment.

We believe in the importance of the University and we believe that it should be managed by people who share our committment to excellent student experience and an engaged and valued staff.

Cutting staff is not the answer to increasing the financial stability of the University of Dundee and taking us into the future. The only way that can happen is by investing in people, listening to their ideas and giving them the chance to innovate.

Dundee, Scotland

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Reasons for signing

  • the lunatics are running the asylum
  • To stop staff cuts.
  • To Prof Downes, , Have some cojones, you have told everyone how wonderful the research on going at Dundee Uni is. Take the risk of being unpopular with the government and fight the cuts that will break up creative teams. Take a stance - be the leader you profess to be.


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