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To: Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), European Medicines Agency (EMA), British Veterinary Association (BVA).

Stop killing our pets!

Stop killing our pets!

Make the notification of all Adverse Reactions subject to compulsory notification by Vets and the drug companies to the VMD and to issue a recall of MSD's Nobivac L2 and L4 vaccines which are killing our pets.

Why is this important?

There is an epidemic of dogs dying or being made seriously ill from Leptospirosis - NOT the disease but the vaccine that is suppose to protect your dog against it. The Vaccine is Lepto 4. The earlier version, L2. has also been reported as killing and maimng dogs. MSD Animal Health dismiss the claims saying it is a coincidence that thousands of dogs have died or become unwell in the UK and Europe and they have not passed on all the information regarding adverse side effects of their vaccine to the VMD. The Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph both ran stories about thousands of dogs being taken ill and hundreds dying after the administration of this vaccine. The BVA renounced these reports saying there was insufficient evidence. The BVA are not notified of adverse reports unless the VMD passes information on because of concerns. Thousands of people on Social Media have reported their dogs dying after receiving this vaccine.
Our own beautiful 5 year old Japanese Akita had to be put to sleep after she received the second vaccination with L4 and suffered side effects that started within hours of receiving the vaccination. She became lethargic and wouldn't eat. After nearly 7 weeks we took the painful decision to have her PTS as the vets could find nothing wrong and she hadn't eaten or drunk anything for 6 weeks. She had been X-rayed, scanned by ultrasound, had a whole series of blood tests to check for Addison and pancreatitis. Blood samples were even sent to the USA and Germany for specialist analysis. All tests were normal. She spent days at the vets on IV drips to kep her fluids up.
Our beautiful dog went from 34.1kg to 25.8kg as she was unable to eat or keep anything down, even being fed through a PEG, it all came back. Endoscopy showed no obstructions. It was virtually as though her autonomic nervous system had shut down and there was no peristalsis in her intestines. For us it was heartbreaking as my wife had been terrified of dogs having been bitten a number of times. Our Akita was the most wonderful dog, overcoming my wife's fear of dogs and being so gentle, so loyal and a family member, even letting us know when my daughter-in-law was about give birth and being so excited to greet the new baby, the newest member of her pack.
My wife is devastated by her loss and we want to make sure that no more dogs have to suffer from this dreadful vaccine.

Just today I received a note of condolence from a lady who said her Golden Retriever had to be put down with exactly the same symptoms as she became ill within hours of receiving the Nobivac L4 vaccine. As with ours, all the tests were negative and the dog appeared healthy but couldn't eat.

Please help us protect our pets from Big Pharma who make Billions of pounds selling these life-threatening medicines. The Government should ensure that complaints made to the manufacturer, Merck Sharp & Dohme in this case, should always be notified to the VMD. At the moment there is no requirement for the manufacturer to report Adverse Reactions to their medications if they don't believe that it was caused by the medication, which is why the VMD and BVA don't know the scale of the problem. At least our local vets are finding out and stopping the use of L4. One of the vets in the practice we go to nearly lost one of their dogs after an L4 vaccination so they won't use L4.

How it will be delivered

On completion the petition will be delivered to the VMD in Addlestone and to the EMA at Canary Wharf. If there is enough support we will invite the Press.


Reasons for signing

  • I too lost a puppy after his vaccinations and he was perfectly well before he had them .
  • The vet vaccinated my cockerspaniel with L4. In a few days the dog started to have tremors, muscle twiches and his back leg was paralyzed. He could not eat and drink. It looked as if his central nervous system was paralyzed, he kept loosing a balance, unable to stand on his legs. When he stood up, his legs collapsed. Within a few weeks his muscle mass diminished.
  • my dog got really ill after the vaccination, and now he's dying. (he developed tumors on his kidneys and his muscles are disappearing.)


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