To: Leicestershire County Council & Local MP

Stop Leicestershire County Council evicting 7 vulnerable adults

Stop Leicestershire County Council evicting 7 vulnerable adults

We would like them to stop the plans to evict 7 vulnerable Adults from The Trees Deveron Way Hinckley

Why is this important?

On Monday 29th January we were told that our son James Robinson & 6 of his other friends who live at The Trees Deveron Way Hinckley are going to be evicted and moved around the county. This is due to Leicestershire County Council wanting the purposely built building for other uses.
We cannot let these 7 vulnerable adults who all have different learning & physical difficulties be evicted! Most of these adults have lived At The Trees for over 10 years the staff are like family to them.


Reasons for signing

  • As a parent of a person with a learning disability I know how important it is to have meaningful relationships with friends and carers who know and understand you. It would be devastating to break up this happy home and it is morally wrong.
  • As a society we should be looking after those vulnerable members of our community. If the council evict even one of these people, they have failed.
  • Because it is so wrong in so many ways


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