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To: Leicestershire County Council & Local MP

Stop Leicestershire County Council evicting 7 vulnerable adults

We would like them to stop the plans to evict 7 vulnerable Adults from The Trees Deveron Way Hinckley

Why is this important?

On Monday 29th January we were told that our son James Robinson & 6 of his other friends who live at The Trees Deveron Way Hinckley are going to be evicted and moved around the county. This is due to Leicestershire County Council wanting the purposely built building for other uses.
We cannot let these 7 vulnerable adults who all have different learning & physical difficulties be evicted! Most of these adults have lived At The Trees for over 10 years the staff are like family to them.


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Reasons for signing

  • I been evicted couple months ago by Tim Payne my Landlord after 6years never fail paying my rent but he increased the rent from £450 to £650 old flat built 1900 excluded council tax gas & Electricity
  • Moving vulnerable people out of their normal environment and community, is likely to be detrimental to their mental health and wellbeing. LCC needs to value people, not schemes.
  • I assume the people making the decisions do not have young adults with similar problems. It must be heartbreaking for the parents involved.


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