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To: Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan

Stop Lewisham Council from forcing Millwall FC to leave The New Den

UPDATE 27/1/17 We Won!

Lewisham Council has scrapped the CPO scheme which would've forced Millwall FC and local residents from their homes. Thanks to all of you, plus fantastic coverage and support from The Guardian, the future of both Millwall FC and the local community is safe. Integrity and honesty won in the end. I can't thank you enough for your support.

MILLWALL FC is safe and I can carry on disliking them now, as a Chelsea fan. 😀😀

Stop Lewisham Council from forcing Millwall FC to leave The New Den

Protect the long term future of Millwall FC and the local community:

Stop the non-elected Chief Executive of Lewisham Council, Barry Quirk, from forcing through the CPO scheme.

Stop offshore developers, Renewal, from forcing Millwall FC and local residents to sell their land and leave their homes.

Call for a public investigation into Lewisham council’s plans to compulsorily purchase areas around the Den and sell them on to Renewal

Why is this important?

The only people who stand to gain from this are Lewisham Council, Renewal property development and its associates. The local community will be torn apart and this could set a precedent for others to follow, tearing even more communities apart in London. Millwall FC is at the heart of the local community and plays a key role in helping local schools and children in the area. It's for the greater good of the community that Millwall FC stays. People before profit.

Millwall Football Club, Bolina Road, London

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