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To: National Science Museum Group and Government.

STOP Manchester Museum of Science and Industry and York Railway Museum being closed

This campaign was a success! Well done to everyone who was involved - together we did it!

Don't close, stop cuts in funding or return government funding to these essential establishments.

Why is this important?

The Museum of Science and Industry ( Mosi ) and York Railway Museum – which welcomes thousands of families each year – could be shut down under plans being considered by the national Science Museum Group.

The museum board stated. "There are two problems. The first is we are already in quite a weak position because in the existing spending round we ended up with 25% real terms cuts.

"But the real problem is there seems a very strong prospect of a further 10% of cuts which basically means that we will end up with a deficit, currently of £2 million, rising to about £6 million a year which for a museum is a huge amount of money."

Asked if that would mean the closure of a museum, he said: "I have to say, with a very heavy heart, it really does. We have done lots of boring and sensible things, awful things like cutting staff, procurement, raising more money.

"But cuts of that level bite really deep into our flesh so it means not only big cuts in the Science Museum in London but one of our three great northern museums almost certainly would also have to close."

Visitor numbers significantly increased to these museums once entrance fees were removed. They provide so much education and tourism, it is very short sighted.

Reasons for signing

  • Many years ago I worked for an organisation who ran a big family science event in MOSI. Was lucky enough to work at the events a couple of times. Fantastic place. It's not museums that bankrupted the country. It shouldn't be them who has to pay.
  • Take all the cash that Cameron has received in backhanders from him. That will keep the whole countries museums going for many years.
  • MOSI is an amazing place . Great for a day out, or just for a few hours and a decent lunch. My family have been visiting MoSI for would be a crying shame to see it go.


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