To: All right minded people

Stop Margaret Thatcher Day - Start Joe Strummer Day!

Demonstrate that the Government bill to make the August bank holiday 'Margaret Thatcher Day' would be an insult to all right minded people and that if we really want to celebrate greatness in our country, the day should be called 'Joe Strummer Day' instead.

Why is this important?

Because naming the August Bank Holiday 'Margaret Thatcher Day' would diametrically oppose a huge section of this country's wishes. This is not democracy.

To many people, Thatcher was the most hated politician they have ever known, and this is well known by politicians. To propose such a scheme is to purposefully ignore their wishes and feelings and to polarise them unnecessarily.

Joe Strummer, on the other hand, was, and is, a well loved public figure who inspired creativity and a 'think for yourself' culture in the UK. But of course, that is exactly what Margaret Thatcher and her cronies would have hated the most.


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