To: North Lanarkshire Council

Stop NLC Changing School Transport

Stop NLC Changing School Transport

We, the undersigned, call on North Lanarkshire Council not to cut current school transport entitlements

Why is this important?

The move will put pupils at risk as they walk along some of the busiest and most dangerous roads in the area.

Roads like Shottskirk Road and Rosehall Road in Shotts and Glenmavis Road, Brownsburn Road and Carlisle Road in Airdrie will become regular, and in some instances the only way for children to get to their schools.

The changes also fly in the face of environmental targets as parents will feel forced to drive children to school raising the number of vehicles on the roads and also creating additional congestion around the town centres and more importantly the primary and secondary school gates.

It will also put additional pressure on parents in areas of multiple deprivations as they struggle to find ways to get their children to school safely, juggling work and financial pressures.

Neil Gray MP will use contact details supplied to put pressure on North Lanarkshire Council not to cut school transport provision and to keep signatories updated.

North Lanarkshire

Reasons for signing

  • Traffic around the Town is bad enough at School drop and pick up times with people also going to work. The congestion will be incredible and dangerous. Most paths around Cumbernauld are secluded so I know most parents will not be comfortable with kids of any age walking 40 minutes to an hour to and from school. So they will be driven and park in residential areas causing more disruption and making people irate .. there must be other ways to cut costs
  • The arguments for safety, improved attendance (attainment!) and environmental impact , far outweigh the council's need to pinch a few pennies... get a grip NLC!
  • * Attainment - a key factor in good attainment is attendance. A free bus helps ensure pupils actually get to school. They arrive at school safely and on time. In an area like North Lanarkshire, where school results are so poor, this matters. * Anti-bullying - a school bus is generally a safe place with a bus supervisor. Public transport / walking does not offer this supervision. * Out-of-date NLC Safe Walking to School policy being used in decision making is worrying.


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