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To: North Yorkshire County Council

Stop Oatlands Drive Harrogate becoming 'ONE WAY' only

Stop Oatlands Drive Harrogate becoming 'ONE WAY' only

Please don't make Oatlands Drive, Harrogate a one way road.

There are thousands of residents and pupils who will be adversely affected by this change. It will cause the surrounding roads to become congested and a danger to cyclists and pedestrians. It will also cause queues of traffic leading to more C02 emissions.

Why is this important?

The existing cycle route runs along Stray Rein connecting through Rayleigh Road and Hamilton Avenue. All these roads are relatively traffic free and there are no safety concerns.This connects both to the cycle paths at the end of Hookstone estate and more importantly the railway station. The proposed cycle lane runs parallel with the existing route only a few hundred metres further east, but less well connected with both infrastructure and other facilities (like the gym, Harrogate college, climbing wall, restaurants and cafes). There appears to be no logical demand for creating a parallel but less well connected facility. Spending money on something of lower quality than what already exists would seem a waste of taxpayers money.

The more worrying point is one of road safety. There is a reasonable flow of traffic along Oatlands Drive with obvious peaks at the start and finish of school times. The road is wide and has good visibility.

The existing traffic will need to go somewhere. Whilst on paper it may be hoped that the traffic will use either Wetherby Road or Leeds Road a significant amount of traffic will create rat runs through the Saints or through Wheatlands Road, Stray Rein and other connecting roads. This will divert traffic into residential areas with poor visibility, parked cars and other safety issues.

Moving the cycle traffic onto a road that has more traffic than on the current route increases the car/bike interaction even allowing for a dedicated cycle lane and one way system. There will still be both bike and car movements on and off Oatlands Drive.

A simple solution to cars obstructing the existing Oatlands Drive cycle lanes would be to have double yellow lines.

Harrogate, UK

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