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To: To the Governance & Scrutiny Team London Borough of Enfield



This urgently needs to be redressed as follows: Employ more street cleaners/ wardens;
Provide sufficient street receptacles and cameras in notoriously littered locations;
Revise fortnightly general rubbish (grey bin) collection;
Allow households of any size to request the larger grey bin;
Reduce charge for bulky/ large item collection;
Implement a zero tolerance policy to prosecute/fine those responsible for fly tipping.

Why is this important?

We the undersigned are outraged and appalled by the increasing incidence of fly tipping in the area which has become a major problem. What were once quiet suburban roads, parks and beauty spots are now hotspots for dumping of all manner of illegal waste. Not only is this an eyesore and extremely hazardous, but living amongst these conditions is detrimental to our physical and mental well-being, furthermore it serves to de-value the neighbourhood and we demand to put a stop to it now!

If you share our concern or have anything further to add regarding this disgusting, anti social activity, then please sign the petition and make your voice heard. Add your photos, comments and suggestions so that collectively we can bring about a change:

London, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • I created this petition after communicating with Sophia C. and of hearing the plight of many others from the neighbourhood via the Nextdoor App who are equally disgusted and exasperated by the amount of fly tipping in the area. We pay almost £2k pa in council tax to live in what is essentially becoming a dump it needs to stop!
  • I have to keep my waste in my kitchen for a week because council won’t give me wheelie bin as I live in a maisonette council flat. I also have a toddler. There’s no big communal bin facilities like in other boroughs and it’s very stressful and unhygienic. If there’s communal bins it would solve a lot of problems. I’ve never seen so much rubbish on the streets and I’ve lived in a few London boroughs in my life. It’s embarrassing and not good for mental health. Enfield council need to step up.
  • I signed this petition because people are dumping their rubbish, mattresses, furniture and general stuff in our street next to the park every day.! I think more education is needed too. Some people in our street thought this is what you do and didn't know about the recycling centres, authorised collections etc.


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