To: Local Councils

Stop People Slamming Doors.

Stop People Slamming Doors.

Dear good people of the Councils, in & around Hampshire.

I have moved 5 times in the last 2 & half years, for reasons of noise pollution, in-particular, those who think they have the God giving right to Slam their Doors, to their hearts content, just because it's their home, or they want you to know they can do whatever they like in their own home, & stuff what noise pollutants is left with us, on the receiving end, the Neighbours who suffer countlessly.

Making us ill, triggering of symptoms such as dementia, which the government say they are the caring Government, to help, yet don't catch the root courses of dementia, in people feeling un - easy, in such instances as Slamming Doors.

The 5 homes I experienced Door Slamming in, each Home, varied to how bad it was in each Home, most was deliberate, sending a person, & other neighbours of balance, creating nervousness in people.

& they know they can get away with it, & often did, even though I sent notes, & 2 page letters through their post box, it had no effect in change, & made them do it more if anything.

I would like The Councils, to get around the Table, in a meeting drawn up, for this brought to your attention Issue, & start lobbying support, to weed out this menace of a problem, that has effected me like a Cancer through out my life, especially so since I have Asperger's Syndrome, & am known to not be able to tolerate unwanted noice, especially as I'm a Musician.

& require the high levels of Concentration, to progress in Musicianship, in my Guitar Acoustic playing, which may I say, I play at reasonable levels, & even go out my way, camping or in a forest, to play my Guitar, & Record songs, for C.D's I'm making. I'm considerate to my Neighbours, & 90% of the time you will here me play Guitar with Head phones on, so others can't here me, cause I myself, although my Guitar music is a clean Sound, Good Energy, I'd never leave another with unwanted noise.

Cause I'm concious of my actions, & feel something should be done to make Bad Energy Noise people go away forever, have New Policy's, going through Parliament West Minister.

You don't know what a person go's through with Door Slamming Neighbours, un less it happens to you. So I'm asking Councils to fight to win, a new law like, Noise pollutants meters, are registered & fitted to every home in Hampshire, & Great Britain, especially Council Estates.

So if a certain un - pleasant noise is reached, you get so many warnings, then a message is linked to all Council offices, & a letter from the Council, is Issued by the Council, to the Unpleasant Noise pollutance Neighbour in Question, & also a letter sent to all Neighbours close by, asking if they the Unwanted Noise Neighbours, have upset you, in Slamming Doors for example as One.

Bad Language, shouting arguments with the the girlfriend or boyfriend for example as another, is all prime examples, of what other Neighbours have put up with for years & years & years & years.

Like this behaviour is acceptable & or the norm, I'm here to tell you I think it's Wrong!! & wish for a Petition, for all those who know what I'm talking about, been in, comparatively same situations as I. Or worse, & want what I want, something done, or sympathise with us the effected, & through humanity, sign the Petition, to see justice done.

& Good Energy in the World Spread, nipping this menace of Bad Energy in the bud.

At least this problem should start gathering people together, & at least talking about it please.

Why is this important?

It is Important to me, because I have suffered in progressing to do well in life, Study for Example, when people Slamming their Doors, made me vulnerable off balance to try hard no more, & became a Victim in my Home, to Bad Energy Abuse.

If you want a Bad Energy Environment, then special places for your kind should have certain housing set out on a Limb so you can get on with, how you wish to grow in the World, I however want nothing to do with bad behaved fully grown adults who should know better, I think it's a disgrace.

You hear politicians lobbying for all the rights they want, but when its not a campaign they know anything of, their care for anothers needs & policy's, is time & time again put on the back burner.

Please sign this Petition only if you care for Humanity, & want to see Good Energy in the World, people Smiling, a real bounce to people, rein-vitalised like it was in the 70's in a World I remember, where you could leave your back Door open, with 100 Thousands pounds worth of equipment, having no fear of anything stolen, or mis placed thank you for Listening Simon X

Ask your friends & friends of friends too get Signing, only if genuinely you are Signing cause, its something you'd like see Lobbied through as New drawn up Policy, in Government Circles thank you so much Simon Newell. X

How it will be delivered

By Hand or Email, not sure yet.

Havant & Portsmouth, all of Hampshire.

Reasons for signing

  • I’ve moved every single year for the past three years due to noisy neighbors and currently live next door to an inconsiderate couple who love to slam their front door at all kinds of unsociable hours. This is an issue as I’m currently 39 weeks pregnant and due to have a baby who I fear will also be effected by the noise.
  • The neighbors on top of us have been renovating now for 3 years, terrifying my two babies and causing us stress and other health problems but the council says their law allows them to go on as long as they want as its DIY.
  • I live on the third floor, and my second floor downstairs neighbour is very considerate, however my first floor neighbour is a door slammer. I know exactly what time they leave their flat and come back everyday. I can hear the loud slamming sound even when my bedroom doors are closed, I can hear their noise in every room of my flat, there is no escape. It's really doing my head in.


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