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To: Political Party Leaders in England and Wales


 Commit to the following in your manifesto:

  • Legislating for free period products in public places across England and Wales
  • Continuing the free period products scheme for schools
  • Providing accessible menstrual healthcare for everyone
  • Ensuring shame-free, inclusive education about periods - so we can all have normal period conversations and get the support, information and products we need. 

Why is this important?

This General Election is our chance to make sure that action is finally taken on period poverty. Across the UK, women, girls, and people who have periods are struggling to access basic essentials and the cost of living crisis has driven levels of need to unprecedented levels. 

One third of girls already miss school because they can’t access essentials like pads, but the Government has not yet confirmed if they will continue this much needed scheme beyond July 2024. For many other groups of women and people who menstruate who struggle to afford period products, there’s no support in place.  This has a devastating impact on those affected by the cost of living crisis, and reliant on food banks and other community support mechanisms. 
This leaves charities, like us here at Bloody Good Period and many of partners, filling the gap  and providing a rising number of essential period products to those who need them.
Scotland has made history by becoming the first country in the world to protect the right to access free period products in law. A law for period products to be available in schools, colleges and public buildings in Northern Ireland is also now in force. It’s long overdue that we get the same legislation and access in England and Wales.

We need party leaders who care about ending period poverty. We need the next UK government to listen to those who menstruate, the charities who are fighting for better access to period products and people like you and me who need a solution NOW. 

But to get commitments to make period products freely available in public spaces in their manifestos we need public pressure. So, please join me and sign the petition.





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