To: Philip Hammond - Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

Stop rape in India

Stop rape in India

Ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi to do more to stop the brutalisation of women, children and toddlers in India through increased sentences for offenders (not just repeat offenders) and more greater police presence to allow mother, babies and children to play, safe from fear of being snatched and savagely raped and beaten

Why is this important?

Children and babies bring joy. Such horrific disrespect for these little lives is barely conceivable and must stop. The devastating stories of a toddler, a four year old and a five year old being raped is horrifying beyond words.
The UK uses India for trade and for providing services to many high street organisations. Almost everyone in the UK is touched by a service that India provides on a daily basis. As a consumer of these services, the UK needs to make it clear to India that women as respected and should not walk around in fear of rape, or worse, their children and babies being raped.

Reasons for signing

  • Rapists are the scum of the earth, even more so when targeting the weak and innocent. If the government cannot provide justice, then the task falls to some very peed off citizens, and that's a messy venture for all involved.


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