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To: Brandon Lewis, Minister of State for Housing and Planning.

Stop Right to Buy for Housing Associations

Stop Right to Buy for Housing Associations

Please do not support the extension of Right to Buy to small, rural Housing Associations.

Why is this important?

Homes for Wells in Norfolk is a small, volunteer-run Housing Association providing affordable accommodation for local keyworkers, who are unable to afford to rent or buy locally. An old school was bought with loans and generous donations from the local community. The redevelopment of the site into eleven units was only possible by becoming a registered Housing Association. Our many, generous supporters did not donate money to Homes for Wells, nor did the board members donate hours of their time in order that people should buy these properties. History has shown that many council houses which were bought have ended up in the hands of private landlords.
There are rural Housing Associations all over the country who are in the same situation as Homes for Wells. We do not have enough affordable housing for rent to put it at risk.

Reasons for signing

  • Affordable housing is a must, forget a right to buy - people need an affordable home to live in close enough to where they work.
  • My wife and I donated money to Homes for Wells to help address the shortage of affordable rented accommodation for local key workers. We would feel distressed, cheated and betrayed if the properties we helped to secure for HfW became privately owned. Richard P
  • A local initiative meeting a local need with potential to reinvest income from rents to benefit tenants and the town. I lived in Wells as a child, now live in London, both struggle to meet the pressures of housing markets geared towards ownership and short term tenancies. For renters this undermines a family‚Äôs security, wellbeing and community stability. If only central government would promote policies that could ensure such schemes had a chance to prosper.


2015-10-01 15:35:51 +0100

MPs have been putting a lot of pressure on the Minister. Brandon, Lewis, Minister for Housing and Planning has written....'we are looking closely at the case for exempting certain properties from the extended Right to Buy.' He says it is helpful to have views as detailed provisions of the legislation are developed. Write to him and make your views known. He may even listen! Please share the petition with your email contacts and on Facebook. We don't have very long before decisions are made.

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