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To: Councillor Ian Harvey and his Cabinet

Stop Spelthorne Borough Council's Local Plan

Stop Spelthorne Borough Council's Local Plan

The residents of Spelthorne expect you to always act in a transparent and appropriate manner. Reschedule and expand this public consultation so every Spelthorne resident can participate and challenge this inappropriate plan.

Why is this important?

On 5th November 2019 Spelthorne Borough Council released details of its new Local Plan. It will affect YOU, YOUR children, YOUR family, YOUR friends, YOUR neighbours, YOUR community and YOUR borough for decades to come!

Not knowing is dangerous and the decisions being made by the Council Leader and his cabinet of allies will negatively affect our borough for many years to come! Spelthorne’s Local Plan must withstand scrutiny and it’s up to every resident to challenge it.

The consultation ends on 7th January 2020 and there are only 3 public events all in November and all within the same 7-day period. The Borough Bulletin, distributed to all residents the first week of December will only contain eight pages of Local Plan news and that's halfway through the consultation period.

We want Spelthorne Borough Council to reschedule this consultation, be fully transparent and arrange more public events because every resident has the democratic right to participate, challenge, and respond to this invasive and disturbing plan.

Please support our petition by adding your voice so Spelthorne Borough Council has no choice but to listen to the people they work for; it is unacceptable for the Council to act in such an inappropriate manner.

The support of every resident is essential because it’s not their borough, “It’s Our Spelthorne” and we all have to protect it.

The Spelthorne Council Local Plan web page

The Local Plan Site Allocation documentation


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Reasons for signing

  • so sad to feel that Sunbury is slowly losing its green spaces and places of natural beauty. We need them in our lives to stay sane! And we don’t need more traffic congestion and all the pollution that comes with it.
  • I’ve lived in Ashford for over 60 years. Surely the development on the grammar school is enough? Closing the multi storey is absurd. Council should use their eyes and see there are no off street spaces now and with the new development it will become anarchic! Do any of these people live in this town? Clearly not! Absurd!
  • Its our Spelthorne.


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