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To: Robert Jenrick and London Mayor Sadiq Khan

Stop super small homes being created in the UK

Make sure all office buildings converted to residential properties follow the same rules as new builds that mean apartments can't be smaller than 37sqm. Change the rules so office building conversions must get planning permission from local authorities to ensure this happens.

Why is this important?

At the moment, anyone wishing to convert existing office buildings do not have to go through the procedure of getting planning permission from local authorities. This means that more and more flats are being built which do not meet the standard requirement for living.

Some of these flats have been described as a “human warehouse” with residents living space measuring as small as 13ft by 13ft.

Living in such a small area can cause people’s physical and mental wellbeing deteriorating.

There is no excuse for developments like this.

We are calling on the Government to change the rules around office to flat conversions and make developers seek planning permission.



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