To: The Rt Hon. Boris Johnson MP - Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

Stop Syrian Bombings

Stop Syrian Bombings

Call an immediate end to British involvement in air strikes on Aleppo and other Syrian targets. Avoid more bloodshed and massacre in our countries name.

Why is this important?

Air strikes are indiscriminate and deadly. They kill and maim en mass and are based on so called 'intelligence'. The current viral circulation of little Omran Daqneesh dusty and bloodied in an ambulance has once again gripped the world. But what of little Aylan in Sept. 2015? He drowned trying to escape the horrendous conflict in Syria that have killed well in excess of 300,000 people and displaced millions more. What of the M10 hospital bombing in early August? These viral stories are swiftly forgotten by our media but must not be allowed. Please sign and force this issue to be discussed once more in parliament.