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To: Harrow Planning Committee

Stop the 12 storey aparthotel being built in West Harrow

Stop the 12 storey aparthotel being built in West Harrow

We call on the Harrow Planning Committee to reject planning application P/3497/20 submitted by Dandi Nine Limited to build a 12 storey tower hotel in the heart of West Harrow village, a low rise Victorian/Edwardian residential community.

Why is this important?

We object to this planning proposal because it is a gross overdevelopment within a residential area. It conflicts with Harrow Council’s Core Strategy and is totally out of character in terms of height and mass with the residential properties it adjoins. This commercial development provides no residential properties or affordable housing and does nothing to address the real needs of the local community.
The unique character of the West Harrow community must be protected from developers intent on excessive profiteering.

Harrow, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • I grew up in Harrow and despair at the amount of over-development that has occurred in our residential town. The block of flats containing Morrisons, blocking the view of Harrow-on-the-Hill from Harrow Recreation Ground is one thing, but this out-of-character monstrosity is quite another.
  • Too many tower blocks, will block out more light.
  • Yet again the Labour run council runs roughshod over what people in the area actually want, like the Islamic centre being built at the end of Canterbury Road, where there should be a secular village hall for all to use. This development is not in keeping with the area. There should be houses not tower blocks. To prevent nonsense like this happening in the future people need to vote Conservative and get rid of the corrupt Labour councillors who get kickbacks from these projects.


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