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To: Spelthorne Borough Council

Stop the 47% increase in Spelthorne Borough Councillors' Allowances

Stop the unjustified 47% increase in allowances for borough councillors

Why is this important?

The Tory-dominated Spelthorne Borough Council has voted to increase their allowances by a staggering 47%. Basic allowances have increased from £3938 to £5785. Travel and IT allowances are paid on top of this.
At a time when budgets and services are being cut, council tax is rising and many people are struggling on or below the breadline, this sends out a message that the councillors are out of touch with their constituents and are only looking out for themselves. This money must be spent in ways that benefit the community, not just the councillors.
This huge increase is despite the Independent Rumuneration Panel recommending a more modest increase of 15%. There can be no justification for such a large rise, and what is the point of having the independent panel when councillors can just ignore its recommendations and give themselves a whopping increase?
This outrageous increase should be overturned immediately.

Spelthorne District

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Reasons for signing

  • I thought we were all in this together. Councillors would only let council workers have a 1% pay rise in the last 3years. Sounds fair dos' the it!!!
  • Get stuffed!
  • What an outrageous group of self serving , vile , out of touch , contemptible, disposable parasites


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