To: Local Council

STOP the 600 Houses Being Built on Marshalls Quarry


Why is this important?

We are already struggling to exit Moorside Road any time of day due to the amount of traffic. In rush hour traffic this area will become manic.

Whitaker Ave is very narrow and cannot take additional traffic into the new builds. Moorside road is not wide enough as it is now (without having more traffic added), and is not suitable for HGV's. There are inadequate parking provisions, as well as issues with drains. There will be a loss of privacy, and the value of property will decrease.

The local nursery and schools are full, and local surgeries and dentists are also all full. Further, we will loose the only bit of countryside left - which will disturb existing wildlife.

Moorside Road, Bradford, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • I dont want to lose the last bit of green space we have and i dont want to live on a building site for the next several years!
  • This build will cause too many problems with traffic chaos, and overburden local schools and other services, also losing a very nice area of countryside we need to keep.
  • We cant let them build houses and evict Throstle Nest riding school it would be so wrong the riding school have been there for 35 years and should remain open


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