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Please sign this petition as a show of support for Joe and for Sussex Police to realise Joe needs protection NOW.

Save the life of Joe Neilson.

Why is this important?

Joe Neilson is the UK's only independent disabled parliamentary candidate standing in the 2015 General election.
He stands for integrity and honesty in office and is the only witness in the Katrina Taylor murder cover-up of 1996.

Without Joe Neilson local government and Sussex Police corruption will spread unchecked for decades to come.
Now is the time to stop the rot by ensuring Joe Neilson is alive to stand in the Brighton Kemptown general election in 2015.

Joe Neilson the independent Parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, was attacked at his home and election office on Friday 16th January 2015 by two unknown assailants intent on killing him.

Joe Neilson is Britain’s Biggest Whistleblower.

As the witness to the Katrina Taylor Brighton murder in 1996, he solved the murder by directing the police to the murder weapon, which he saw a member of the gang who killed her, throw down a drain.

Nearly twenty years on, members of the same gang who killed Katrina Taylor have come back and tried to kill Joe.

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Reasons for signing

  • The truth shall set your sprit free
  • Joe stands up to be counted, a rare man who needs everyone's support!
  • people should be able to whistle blow without fear, I was sacked for whistle blowing


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