Ofcom to open a full competition market review of the planned BBC Scotland TV Channel. Over 40% of broadcast news in Scotland comes from the BBC. Ofcom has a duty to protect and promote competition in the market place and to ensure media plurality to prevent any organisation from having to much influence over public opinion and political power.

Why is this important?

The BBC has announced plans to launch a new 12 hr a day TV Channel. As part of the planned channel the BBC will broadcast a 1 hr nightly Scottish News programme. The BBC already broadcasts UK news and regional news programmes.

In a healthy democracy broadcasting of news and current affairs is an essential part of informing public debate and political decisions. Ofcom now regulates all broadcasters in the UK including the BBC. The BBC accounts for some 40+% of news consumption in Scotland, the largest single provider in the market place. The additional BBC Scotland Channel with it's additional news programmes will increase the influence still further. This will damage media plurality and undermine the democratic process.

Ofcom is required to protect and promote media plurality yet has failed to refer the BBC plans for a full review. If Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox has been found to have to much influence over public opinion and political influence with his smaller market share than the BBC has in Scotland? Then surely the same rules must apply to the BBC. Any organisation with over 25% market share is deemed to have SMP (Significant Market Power) and the BBC has already a 40% market share in news content in Scotland. It is unhealthy and damages democracy when any single broadcaster can dominate the airways.

I ask you to sign this petition to ask that Ofcom halt the BBC plans until a full media plurality review has taken place.

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How it will be delivered

Will email a list of signatures to Ofcom once Ofcom opens the next review process expected during March/April 2018

Reasons for signing

  • The programmes are all repeats and its terrible what a license costs
  • The BBC is a state broadcaster, a mouthpiece for the Westminster establishment and British Nationalism.
  • propaganda for the Tories. Shameful and an insult to honest journalism.


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