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To: George Ferguson, Bristol City Council, South Gloucester Council

Stop the Bristol Metrobus M32 bus only junction

Stop the Bristol Metrobus M32 bus only junction

Remove the Metrobus M32 bus bridge and junction from the North Fringe to Hengrove Metrobus scheme.

Why is this important?

The Metrobus M32 bus bridge and junction will cost over £17m, destroy Green Belt land, destroy land in a conservation area, destroy a protected wildlife corridor and habitat, destroy long-held allotments, destroy smallholdings on some of the best soils in the country and massively impact on an award winning and celebrated community food growing and wildlife project Feed Bristol, used by many thousands of people. An alternative and much cheaper route is available via M32 junction 1 and despite their claims Bristol City Council and South Gloucester Council are unable to show any documented evidence that they have seriously considered this option. There has been a notable lack of transparency from both councils and a reluctance to answer questions regarding the scheme.

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This land and community needs your support. Please sign and share now - tomorrow could literally be too late!

Thank you

Bristol BS16 1HB

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Reasons for signing

  • it's just wrong. too much of bristol's green space is under threat . bristol is supposed to be european green capital!!??
  • nothing but concrete only posh people would want such a thing
  • This is inherently wrong! Yet another section of fine agricuultural land tarmaced for a £200,000,000 'white elephant' project. We need better thinking and planning than this.


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