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To: Simon Roberts, Chief Executive of Sainsbury PLC

Stop the closure of Sainsburys Stockport Store

Stop the closure of Sainsburys Stockport Store

Withdraw your decision to close the town centre Sainsburys store, Warren Street, Stockport

Why is this important?

87 workers at Stockport's town centre Sainsburys store are facing redundancy in January 2021 because of Sainsbury PLC's decision to close the store.

The workers at this store were amongst those keyworkers who risked their health and their lives during the Covid19 pandemic by working throughout in order to ensure that all of us continued to be able to obtain our food and other essential supplies. This decision by Sainsburys, to sack them at a time of sharply increasing unemployment is a slap in the face when they should instead be receiving a reward for our gratitude.

The people of Stockport, and especially the residents of our town centre will lose a much valued store and a depletion of choice in buying their goods.

Sainsbury PLC declared a pre-tax profit of £586 million in its 2020 Annual Report (see link below).

We call on Simon Roberts, CEO of Sainsbury PLC to withdraw the decision to sack these workers and close Stockport's town centre store.

Please also consider lodging an objection by writing to : Simon Roberts, Chief Executive, Sainsburys, 33, Holborn, London, EC1N 2HT
Phone : 020 7695 8900 (direct line) 020 7695 6000 (switchboard)
Email : [email protected]

and by asking Stockport Council for support. Write to : Councillor Elise Wilson, Leader of the Council, Stockport Metropolitan Borough, Town Hall, Edward St, Stockport, SK1 3XE
Phone : 0161-477-3536
Email : [email protected]

Stockport fresidents can find contact details for your own ward councillor by entering your postcode at :

How it will be delivered

By email to Simon Roberts, CEO of Sainsbury PLC

Stockport, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • We love Sainsbury’s Stockport and have shopped there since it opened. The Sunday staff are almost like family. Can’t bear the thought of all these lovely people losing their livelihoods
  • The people who work there are great it's the store needs a facelift if you want people to spend you need to spend some money yourself
  • I’ve only just started shopping again after isolating came into my favourite store to be told you’re closing i could’ve cried the staff in there are like friends i was as happy to see them as they were me i hope you rethink it and give the store a second chance thank you


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