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To: Department for work and pensions

Stop the cuts to benefits for disabled people, as outlined in the welfare reform bill

Stop the cuts to benefits for disabled people, as outlined in the welfare reform bill

Revisit the changes to disabled people's benefits as outlined in the welfare reform act.

Why is this important?

When universal credit is introduced thousands of disabled people who have small pensions or other limited income will lose all entitlement to contributory employment and support allowance - despite having worked in the past, paying tax and NI. This will also affect severely disabled people in the support group, who are judged medically to be unable to work, and whom the government pledged to support. The changes to disability living allowance should also be revisited as the proposed introduction of personal independence payment to replace it, does not adequately provide for severely disabled people, with much harsher assessment which only skims the surface of need. As a result, many will lose entitlement to the motability scheme, resulting in higher unemployment and further marginalisation of disabled people. Many will also not receive the support they need to provide for their care needs and the burden will fall on services in other areas as a result. Disabled people are unfairly portrayed as lazy scroungers by the press and media - nothing could be further from the truth and genuinely disabled people want to see action taken to sustain the benefits system and make it less susceptible to fraud, but they have no real voice for their concerns. The government is dismantling the NHS and welfare state in front of our eyes - you may be fit and healthy, and able to earn a living now, but what would you do if you became ill or disabled at some point in the future ?

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Reasons for signing

  • I'm signing because only an inhumane government would victimise it's most vulnerable people. The benefit cuts and changes introduced by this government are short-sighted, unnecessary, and show a clear disdain for people with disabilities.
  • Sick and tired of the governments propoganda and rhetoric that portrays disabled people in a negative light, and the constant goalpost 'shifting' tactics. Surving life with disabilities is a daily struggle that's difficult enough without this added 'Chinese Water Torture'!
  • I am disabled and was born with special needs nobody who is disabled should have there benifits cut its not fair


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