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To: The Department of Justice

Stop the extradition of Lauri Love

Stop the extradition of Lauri Love

Intervene to overrule the decision by Westminster Magistrates Court to extradite Laurie Love to the USA on grounds of computer hacking.

Why is this important?

Lauri Love suffers from Autism which is a condition that is unlikely to be accepted in a US court as a mitigating circumstance.

If it is not accepted then he will receive an extremely long prison sentence in a US prison which will not recognize his needs.

This is completely unacceptable and would not happen in this country.

Under the 'special relationship' it would appear that we have to extradite UK citizens to the USA to face trial but the reverse never seems to apply.

This extradition must not be allowed to proceed.


Reasons for signing

  • Because I think it's a very good cause: and because I don't want Lauri Love or any other British computer expert extradited to the US (or anywhere else!) under unfair, politically motivated circumstances.
  • I signed because the existing extradition treaty is flawed in that it's okay for a UK citizen to be extradited to the US but not the other way round. If Lauri Love were to seek asylum in the Irish Consulate for example then he would be safe - his extradition CANNOT be allowed to happen.
  • sentence is unjustifiable


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