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To: Kettering Borough Council

Stop the Kettering Public Spaces Protection Order

We believe the Kettering Public Spaces Protection Order and the criminalisation of skateboarding is unnecessary and heavy handed.

Why is this important?

Dear Councillor Derek Zanger - Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, Councillor Russell Roberts - Leader of Kettering Council, and all Kettering Councillors,

Skateboarding is not a crime. Yet Kettering Borough Council seems to think differently with a proposal of making it and many other activities illegal, and banning them from the town centre.

Most of the categories on the Public Spaces Protection Order have long been part of daily life in Kettering and we cannot understand why they would need to become a criminal offence when there are already established laws that cover problems which cause genuine harm to society. The proposal crudely lumps together completely unrelated activities.

Skateboarding, and the extended creative community it supports and encourages, has helped to nurture successful skaters, BMXers, photographers, musicians, designers and generally innovative people who make a positive contribution to society. This creative culture and activity is a healthy, positive and accessible green way for people from a wide range of social backgrounds to enjoy themselves.

The plan for the proposed PSPO has been poorly promoted to the Kettering communities and there has been a lack of genuine public consultation. The council has shown that it neither understands the benefits of skateboarding and other physical creative activities, and that it is out of step with public opinion and the government’s own targets on physical and social wellbeing for young people. The council has also shown that it does not understand the fundamental difference between the use of skateboarding in the streets and a purpose-built skatepark.

We believe the PSPO is a waste of money and police time and that there are far more important issues the council should be dealing with rather than criminalising our population for being out in the fresh air having fun.

We call for a halt to the proposed PSPO and banning of skateboarding from the town centre and request Kettering Borough Council engage in proper consultation with the public and skate community regarding the specific issues it wants to address, and the solution within existing laws.
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